damage2McLaren the Musician

2014 saw an exciting collaboration between Seeing Sound, McLaren 2014, Bristol’s Watershed and Arnolfini, and the Encounters short film festival. The event, entitled McLaren the Musician, closed a year-long programme to celebrate the Centenary of pioneering animator Norman McLaren.

seeing sound salonOver the course of a weekend, McLaren the musician featured the world premiere of Donald McWilliams’ wonderful new film Norman McLaren: Animated Musician alongside screenings of selected McLaren films. These accompanied the first Seeing Sound salon, an afternoon of informal papers and discussion around McLaren, his work, and his abiding interest in music. The weekend also allowed creative people to explore McLaren’s ‘handmade’ ethos in a 21st Century setting through workshops on analogue video (led by Video Circuits’ Chris King and Alex Peverett) and live audiovisual coding (with Thor Magnusson). Finally, we provided a spectacular audiovisual party to end the Encounters festival, Cineseizure, which brought together leading musicians and audiovisual performers including Panther Panther!, Benjamin Damage, COH, Tina Frank, HOL, Tom Schofield and Konx-Om-Pax.