A good proportion of the material featured in Seeing Sound 2 is available online, embedded here:

From Screenings:

Devon Damonte – Welcome Film

Richard Reeves – Linear Dreams

Steve Woloshen – Visual Music for Ten Voices

Zai Tang – Window Music

Tim Howle/Nick Cope – Son et Lumiere

Jean Piche – Australes

Jean Detheux – Machinalement (v.31)

Alison Clifford/Graeme Truslove – Palimpsest

Andrew Hill – Perpetual Motion

Stephen Callear – In Perpetuity: The Linden Trees

Maura McDonnell – Silk Chroma

Richard T C Nelmes/Diego Garro – Visitation Adagio

Simon Payne – Vice Versa Et Cetera

Dave Payling – Theravada Colour Morph

Franz Rosati/Leila Bahlouri – Pathline #1


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski – Juicy

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski – Where is Chopin?

Paul Prudence – Hydro-Acoustic Study

Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern

Paul O Donoghue – Chasing Waves

Ryo Ikeshiro – Construction in Zhuangazi



Wil Bolton – Quay Tones Clip

Owen Lloyd – I am a Painter

Rob Mullender – Said Object/Daughter’s Voice from Memory