Mick Grierson – Delusions of Alien Control Part 2 & 3.

griersonperfDelusions of Alien Control is a series of 4 interactive audiovisual stimuli developed for testing the production and detection of event related potentials in the brain via Electroencephalography. After using the works for a series of tests, I began performing them as pieces in their own right. They are of indeterminate length, but usually last a maximum of ten minutes. They are produced by generating combined real-time audiovisual signals based on a series of deterministic iterative feedback algorithms, with each state becoming the starting condition for the following state. Although heavily inspired by the visual music tradition, they are neither film, nor music. Instead, they are best described as audiovisual art or composition, both sound and image being the product of a single process, with sounds and images having identical internal structure in every respect.

Biography: Dr. Mick Grierson is an experimental artist specialising in real-time interactive audiovisual art and cognition. In addition to pure research, he has designed commercial audiovisual works for the entertainment industries, including the hit T.V. show “Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind”. In 2008, He received international press attention after demonstrating his Brain Computer Interface for Music to the BBC. He also designed the “Mabuse” Audiovisual Composition environment, used by artists including Vernon Reid and Christian Marclay.

Mick is Co-Director of Creative Computing at Goldsmiths College, and Director of the Daphe Oram Collection.

Jaroslaw KapuscinskiOli’s Dream

jarekperfIntermedia performance for piano, MIDI bar, sound and image projection

Text: Camille Norton

Oli’s Dream is a playful collaboration between music and writing, between a piano keyboard and a typewriter keyboard, and, above all, between a composer and a poet. It is an experiment in synaesthesia, an attempt to fuse the temporal modes of music with the spatial and temporal domains of words. In the process, the audience finds itself in the presence of a perceptive, purely aware being, Oli, who creates himself through his encounter with words. Words here make and unmake themselves from the outside in or the inside out, transforming themselves as they discover their own direction in time.

Biography: Jaroslaw Kapuscinsci is an intermedia composer and pianist whose work has been presented at New York’s MOMA, ZKM in Karlsruhe, Museums of Modern Art Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou in Paris, National Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and many other venues in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He has received awards at the UNESCO Film sur l’art Festival in Paris (1992), VideoArt Festival in Locarno (1993, 1994) and Festival of New Cinema and New Media in Montréal (2000). Kapuscinski graduated from Academy of Music in Warsaw and University of California, San Diego. Currently he teaches composition and intermedia at Stanford University.

Andy Keep – Composite Cramming

keepAndy Keep’s research into the sonic behaviours exhibited in electronic feedback through improvised performance has been extending into the realms of direct visual representation by converting audio signals into raw video data. This enables the audience to ‘see’ sonic activity, whilst also acting as a strong influence on performance decisions based on visual aesthetics.
The ‘cramming’ of audio signals into composite video inputs was perhaps first explored by Nam June Paik in his 1963 installation “Exposition of Music – Electronic television”. Although the visualisations could be considered limited, as they primarily consist of white lines moving across the screen, a variety of sonic manipulations can cause shifts of brightness, speed of movement, density, and degrees of internal modulations.

Inspired by the practice of ‘live coding’ in the digital audio performance domain, Andy has been exploring ‘live wiring’ when performing with hardware electronics. A collection of audio processors and guitar foot-pedals are configured into audio feedback loops with patcher cables and Y connectors in real-time, offering the audience an insight into the sources of sounds heard.

Biography: Andy Keep is a performer, researcher, and educator, in music technologies, improvisation, live electronics, and sound studio production. He is currently a senior lecturer on Bath Spa University’s Creative Music Technology BA and Composition MA. He was on the Board of Directors of the UK’s Sonic Art Network (as Chair 2007-8). His practice-led PhD (2003-2007), entitled ‘Responsive performance strategies with electronic feedback: shaping intrinsic behaviours’, contributes to the field of live electronics and sonic art activity by mapping out a phenomenological model of intrinsic sonic behavioural states found in audible electronic feedback systems. It also offers a range of performative strategies to influence and impose upon these sonic behaviours.

Theo BurtColour Projections

burtColour Projections is a computer-based audio and video work creating precise relationships between sound and geometry. Through a progression of a geometric systems, rules are established and shapes are created, intersected, combined and destroyed. Each resulting shape is both drawn and sonified – a shape’s outline is directly transformed into an audio waveform.
Although the systems use only fixed, stateless geometric operations, through certain coincidences there is a tendency to attribute identity to individual shapes and perceive a level of causality within the systems. We are reminded that these perceptions are illusive when the geometric behaviour diverges from our expectations, causing shifts in plurality and ambiguities of identity.

Biography: Theo Burt is a UK-based sound and video artist.

Jon Aveyard – Explorer and More

aveyardA performance featuring miniature landscapes enlarged and quiet sounds amplified
On-stage a man manipulates hidden objects. Behind him are projected abstract images, point-of-view shots of a miniature alien landscape being at once explored and reshaped, close-up shots of recognizable objects. Accompanying this are amplified sounds and variously gentle and aggressive feedback tones.

Biography:Jon Aveyard is a Preston-based composer and interdisciplinary performer. His work often makes use of and sometimes combines acousmatic music, sound-walking and interdisciplinary improvisation. He is a lecturer in music and audio art at the University of Central Lancashire.

Kathy HindePiano Migrations

hindePiano Migrations is an interdisciplinary and collaborative body of artworks concerned with re-mapping migration routes, translating image into sound, the relationship between humans and mechanisms and how environmental change is affecting migrating animals. The works include installations, performances, music, video, automata, on-line and participatory works.

An extract from the project will be shown at ‘Seeing Sound’, in which a video of birds provides a musical score to be performed automatically on a modified toy piano, alongside some lo-fi sonic translations of bird migration patterns played through a winding music box.

Biography: Kathy Hinde trained in visual arts and music, Kathy Hinde’s interdisciplinary approach combines different art forms frequently through collaborations with other practitioners, partnerships with scientists, and input from the viewer. She has shown work internationally in over 20 countries across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan and Colombia.

She has created projections for theatre and live art performances working with interactive visual environments that are responsive to live situations. Her video work frequently moves away from the ‘screen’ and she has made projections designed for various structures, surfaces, and sites. Her musical interests embrace strategies of improvisation, generative systems, and unconventional notation alongside exploring the use of technology and automata in live performance.

Kathy is a member of the N.I.P. international media art and research collective (New Interfaces for Performance); affiliated artist at the Merlin Theatre, Frome, and an associate artist at the Arnolfini, Bristol, UK.

Previous collaborators are many and include: pianist Joanna MacGregor; audio-visual artist i am the mighty jungulator; dancer/choreographers Suba Subramaniam and Jin Xing; and composers Stephen Montague and Graham Fitkin. She has worked with scientists in the fields of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and Environmental Science.