Here are some of the fixed media works and performances we were delighted to include in the 2013 event (presented in programme order):

Clonal Colonies: I – Fresh Runners (2011) from Bret Battey on Vimeo.

Static Cling by Bill Alves

Music for a Self-Transforming Machine by Aaron F. Ross

Mezcal Animations by Jon Weinel

Ghostly by Maxime Corbeil-Perron

Variegated Beat by Maura McDonald

Turbulence from Alison Clifford on Vimeo.

Exploit (Bukit Brown Cemetery II) by Zai Tang and Simon Ball

Machinalement (v32) from Jean Detheux on Vimeo.

Ripple by Andy Dolphin

rt3 by Patrik Lechner

noisescope by Giorgio Magnanensi

Percussion in Colour by David McDonald

postrush by Robin Price

Terroir, by Theresa Connors and Shannon Harris, can be viewed here

Disruptive Technologies – Feeding You (excerpt)

Ryo Ikeshiro – Construction in Kneading (excerpt)

Information on Lewis Sykes’ Augmented Tonoscope project can be found here.

Chromophore [e1] from Paul Prudence on Vimeo.
– although Paul actually performed his work Cyclotone:

Arc.Cyclotone from Paul Prudence on Vimeo.

Live Coding the Threnoscope by Thor Magnusson
(video is of an earlier performance ‘Tuning The Threnoscope’ at Cafe Oto)

Echoes by Andy Thomas (excerpt)